MAFIA: Lost in the Dark IS LIVE! NEXT D&D SESSIONS: Menet-ka: ??? | Barter in Blood: ??? | LMOP: ??? | Fists of Fury: ??? | Fine Day Blue: Pending GM Post | Fate/Archetype: Pending GM Post (God damn it mAc I'll update this, then! In fact, I'll just keep on typing because chances are you'll never actually wait this long to see how long the text goes for scrolling. I suppose that was the ultimate downfall of the scrolling text of the late 90's and early 00's. People just wanted faster and faster internet and then they wanted their content to go equally fast! Remember downloading MOV or WAV files to watch or listen to songs? Then MP3s came out and BAM, holy mother! Speed! But you were probably on dial up still, I know I was. But it felt nice to go from an hour to maybe ten minutes to download a song. Then cable came out and jeez, just wow. It was incredible. You'd have a song in seconds! Seconds, I say! Imagine that. We truly did stampede through technology and now when you think about it we've sort of landed on a plateau as internet service providers refuse to keep going with higher speeds but we all know it's possible. Hell, even Google tried to compete with Google Fiber and they gave up because ISPs just kept filing lawsuits on them saying it's illegal to compete. Well, not exactly that but we all know that was their goal. I don't know, I see that my ISP is now selling fiber internet for a low, low price of $120 a month, so I guess that's something. Unfortunately, it doesn't make the scrolling text go any faster, does it?)

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